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Fuel Quality Seminars

Asset Ready will come to YOU or your customers' site and give a high quality presentation custom tailored to the audience.

Fuel Quality Analysis


In-depth presentation on ASTM D975 (the standard for all diesel fuel specifications).  


Includes how fuel is refined, transported and ultimately how your particular industry is effected.


Most importantly, we'll relate stories earned over the years.    

Mission Critical Fuel 


What happens to long-term stored fuel and common problems.


How additives effect your engine.


Stories related to gen set failure.


What fuel analysis is right for your generator.


Smart tech solutions for your field equipment.  

Order Seminar
Order Seminar
Ag Fuel 


Common problems associated with farm tanks and industrial equipment engines. 


How to prepare for cold weather.


Finding the right fuel partner.


What fuel analysis is right for your equipment. 

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