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Visual Analysis

ASTM D4176 Bar Chart Analysis

Visual Comparison

Complete Fuel Consult

Includes Recommendations

Lab Analysis: Simple

Microbial Contamination (Positive/Negative)

Distillation (D-86) 

API Gravity (D-287)

Cetane Index (D976)

Water By Karl Fisher (ASTM D-6304)

ISO Cleanliness

Water & Sediment (D-1796)

Lab Analysis: D975 Modified

Specific Gravity (D-1298)

Copper Strip Corrosion (D-130)

Cloud Point (D-2500)

Water and Sediment (D-2709)

ASH3 (D-482)

Ramsbottom Carbon Residue (D-524)

Distillation (D-86) 

Water & Sediment (D-1796)

Sulfur (PPM)

Viscocity at 40 C (V40 (cST)

Flash Point (D-93)

Pour Point (D-97)

Cetane Index (D976)


*Doesn't Include HFRR or Cetane Number


Includes Everything Mentioned Above And HFRR And Cetane Number

Cummins Engine Analysis

According to Bulletin: 3379001 Table 2 Contingency Diesel Fuel Specifications

Viscosity at 40 C (D-445)

Cetane Index (D-976)

Sulfur Content (D-2622)

Water and Sediment (D-1796)

Copper Strip Corrosion (D-130)

Ramsbottom Carbon Residue (D-524)

Density (D-1298) 

Cloud Point (D-2500) 

Ash (D-482)

Distillation (D-86)

HFRR (D-6079)

Vanadium (PPM)

Aluminum (PPM)

Silicon (PPM)

Sodium (PPM)

Zinc (PPM)


*Does Not Include Active Sulfur or Cetane Number

Custom Analysis

If you're not sure what you need, or it's not listed here, please contact us and we'll help you figure it out. 

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Fuel Analysis
Tank Service

Exterior Tank Re-Coating

This is no exterior house paint job!

Man-Entry Cleaning

Crew Will Enter + Clean Your Fuel Tank

Fuel Reconditioning

Pricing Based On UST or AST


Automatic Tank Gauges

Belly Tank Gauges That Read Water

Realtime Inventory Control


Satellite Remote Monitoring

Adaptable To Legacy Systems (aka Veeder Root)

Time Domain Reflectometry (no lasers)


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SPCC Plans

The EPA's mandatory spill prevention plan.

Tank + Line Testing

Includes EPA mandated line leak detection for UST's...

Cathodic Protection Testing

Ensure your anodes are up to date...

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