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Man-Entry Cleaning

Confined Space Entry

Temporary Fuel Storage:  

We provide you with everything necessary to temporarily store your fuel while we get your tank ready to enter.  


Fuel Transfer + Filtration:  

We will move your fuel from one tank to another filtering as we transfer.


Certified + Insured:

Our crews carry all of the necessary insurance and training.  We follow all OSHA 1910.46 standards for confined space entry.  All equipment is certified as required by OSHA on a regular basis. 


API 653

If your tank is site-built and requires an API 653 Inspection on a periodic basis we perform the following:


  • Visual inspection of tank interior, exterior and accessible weldments.

  • Magnetic particle external nozzle/penetration welds.

  • Ultrasonic thickness test of tank bottom, sump, shell, nozzles, and roof plates.

  • Holliday test of the internal bottom and lower shell coating.

  • Evaluate corrosion and mark areas requiring repairs.

  • API 653 Code minimum thickness calculations and assessment.

  • API 653 Code tank bottom elevation measurement and assessment.

  • API 653 Code plumbness digital measurement and assessment.

  • Interior and exterior inspection checklists including digital photographs and report.  Inspection reports include an Executive Summary, SI-653 Internal Checklist, SI-653 External Checklist, UTT data, Deficiencies and Suggested Repairs (if any), and pictures/captions depicting noteworthy items. 

  • Inspector will be API 653 Authorized Inspector, ASNT Level II or III Inspector, and AWS Certified Welding Inspector.

  • Reports will be reviewed by a licensed Professional Engineer.

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