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Tank Re-Coating

Our Industrial 5-Step Process

1) Preparation : remove oxidation / degraded areas using 30-grit grinders and power washers 

2) Pre-Prime : Sherwin Williams Industrial 920 penetrating corrosion and rust inhibitor - min. 8-hour cure.  

3) Leveling + Patching : Sherwin Williams Industrial leveling compound to smooth out low areas, severe corrosion areas and steel seams.  


4) Primer : We use Sherwin Williams Industrial 646 Macropoxy to prepare the surface of your tank/gen set cabinet.  Coating is 8+ mils thick, 80% solids (no dry time) min. 8-hour cure.  


5)⦁Finish : Sherwin Williams Industrial High Solids Poly for the finish coat.  Coating is 5+ mils thick, can be color-matched, provides excellent UV and oxidation protection.  Product contains 60% solids and allows for an 8 hour cure.  This finish lasts much longer than any factory finish.  


*Typcially A 5-Day Process


Our Commercial 3-Step Process

1) Preparation : We use 30 grit-grinders and power washers to remove all oxidation and degraded areas.


2) Primer: commercial grade Rustoleum primer to manufacturer’s specification.


3) Finish with commercial grade Rustoleum top coat to manufacturer’s specification.


* All proper decals to be provided and re-applied.


* Typically A 3-Day Process

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