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Automatic Tank Gauges (ATG)

Hard-Wired Real-time Legacy Compatible:  

We install real-time tank gauging systems on any UST or AST viewable on any desktop, laptop or mobile device.  Additionally, our systems can tie into any legacy system (Veeder Root, Franklin, Pneumercator, etc).


Water + Fuel Sensing Belly Tank ATGs:  

Our ATG partner manufactured, specifically for us, an ATG that is shallow enough for a 10 inch deep belly tank or deeper.  This is the only gauge of its kind using TDR (Time Delay Reflectometry) to measure water and fuel.  Email and text alarms when your gen set has water in its belly!


Remote Gen Set Starter:  

Remote start or stop any monitored generator manually or automatically.  


Gen Set Remote Monitoring:  

  • Battery Level Alarms

  • Service Due Reminders

  • Engine Off/On and "Failure To Exercise" Alerts

  • Availability of Site  or Utility Power

  • Automatic Engine Run Reports for Air Quality Requirements

  • GPS Location


Mobile Ready:  

All systems are mobile-ready and can be viewed on any platform.  It's easy to check your fuel tank status while you're out of town or be alerted if someone's pilfering fuel from your tank.  


Remote, Battery-Powered Satellite Monitoring For Any Location:  

In addition to hard-wired ATG's, we can also offer gauges that are battery powered and simple to install on any tank.  

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